Bergmann (Germany) Typhoon Analog Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator with Copper Core Motor & LED Light (Blue)

SKU: BCT-150

MRP: ₹ 2400/-

Price: ₹1870/- (You Save ₹530/-)

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  • Typhoon Car Inflators have powerful direct drive copper core motor

  • Bergmann Car Tyre Inflators can inflates a standard car tyre from 0-30psi in approx 2 minutes

  • This car inflator comes with 3m copper cord that easily reaches all tyres 

  • Bergmann Tyre Inflators have built-in high precision pressure gauge
  • Typhoon Car Inflator boasts of high quality braided heat proof rubber air hose and is equipped with LED light

  • Typhoon Car Inflators are suitable for Car Tyre, Bike Tyre and Toys

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Product Details

Product Category: Car Tyre Inflator

Brand: Bergmann

SKU Code: BCT-150

ISBN Code: 979-7-9960-6318-8

Colour: Blue

Customer Ratings: 5 out of 5 Stars (3 Reviews)

Assembly Required: No

Includes: 1 Tyre Inflator, 1 Extra Fuse, 3 Nozzle Attachments, 1 Bag, 1 User Manual cum Warranty Card

Bergmann Typhoon Analog Car Tyre Inflator

Price: ₹2400/-  ₹1870/-

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Bergmann Typhoon Analog Car Tyre Inflator

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Combo Deals with Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflators​

Product Description

There are several excellent reasons why it makes good sense to have a tyre inflator in your car at all times. Imagine being stranded at the middle of the road at night in case you get a flat tyre. Its not safe. A tyre inflator will help you inflate your tyre instantly and get you to the nearest garage. No need to stand in queues at petrol pumps to top up the tyre air. Last but not the least, you can use your tyre inflator to inflate your children’s bike wheels, footballs, swimming floats and even the occasional air mattress.

Bergmann Germany now brings to you a carefully designed tyre inflator that is not just quick but is sturdy, safe, robust, durable, ultra-portable and convenient. Its powerful 100% copper motor is designed for efficient long term operation even under harsh climatic conditions. Simply plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter socket, fix the hose brass valve to your tyre and switch it on. It is super-quick and can inflate a mid-size tyre from 0 to 30 psi in just about 2 minutes!

The easy-to-read Pressure Gauge is accurate up to +2% and is protected with a rubber bumper. You also have a bright LED light which would prove very handy during use in dark or low light conditions. Its braided (knitted) rubber air-hose is heat and wear resistant. Durable metal body is grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement. There is no periodic maintenance required and the design is oil-free. Extra nozzles have been provided for inflating toys, balls and water sport equipment. Finally, you can rest in peace with a no questions asked 1 year warranty.

Say NO to Plastic Body Inflators: Plastic body air compressors are weak, breakable, noisy, have high vibration and are not able to radiate heat generated during compression. This results in increased wear and tear of inner parts resulting in low durability.

Heavy-Duty Metal Body: Unlike plastic inflators, Bergmann Typhoon has a strong heavy-duty metal body which is stronger, sturdier, can radiate heat better. It has much lower noise and vibration due to its strong metal built.

Superfast Inflation: The advanced direct-drive 150W heavy-duty 100% copper core motor provides superfast inflation of 0-30 psi in around 2 minutes making it one of the fastest inflators.

High-Precision Gauge. No Batteries required: Bergmann Typhoon’s high precision gauge is quite accurate and does not need any batteries. It is also safely protected with a rubber bumper.

Brass Nozzle: Pure Brass nozzle covered with expensive heat-resistant thermoplastic material to prevent finger burn.

With Braided Rubber Air Hose: Thick, braided (knitted), heat-proof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflation. Most others have plain rubber hose, which is not durable.

With bright LED Light: With 4 bright LED lights for comfortable use during low light or dark conditions.

With Free Storage Bag: With a free storage bag to keep it conveniently in the car.

With Free Nozzles & Extra Fuse: With an extra fuse, spring and free nozzles to inflate toys, inflatable beds, basketballs, footballs, bicycles, floats etc.

Safety Information: It is recommended to keep your car engine running so that the device gets maximum voltage and power. Please affix the nozzle tightly to the tyre valve. The product may get heated which is normal during air compression. Allow to cool before re-use.

Shipping Info:

Our standard dispatch times are 1-2 days. Our partner courier services are reliable and will deliver your products safely within standard delivery time. 

Return & Warranty Policy:

This product comes with a no return policy. However, there is a 1 year warranty. Please drop a mail to for any concerns

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tajmohammad malik

19 Jan 2021 


19 Jan 2021 

Received on 16th Jan ,21, Very compact and value for money. Just started using it.

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