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BMC Air Filter Cleanup Services


Price: ₹1200/- 

                  *Price inclusive of taxes. Please read our terms and conditions for further details

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Why clean your BMC air filters at regular intervals?

Cleaning BMC air filters at regular intervals can provide several benefits, including:

  • Improved Engine Performance: Clean air filters help to ensure that the engine is getting the proper amount of air, which can improve engine performance, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.

  • Extended Engine Life: Air filters protect the engine from dirt, dust, and debris that can cause damage and reduce the engine's lifespan. Regular cleaning of the air filter can help prevent premature wear and tear on the engine.

  • Cost Savings: Regularly cleaning and maintaining the air filter can help extend its lifespan, reducing the need for replacement filters and potentially saving money on costly engine repairs.

  • Environmental Benefits: Clean air filters can improve the vehicle's emissions, reducing harmful pollutants released into the environment.

Overall, regularly cleaning and maintaining the BMC air filter can help ensure optimal engine performance, extend engine life, save money, and have environmental benefits.

How frequently should BMC air filter be cleaned?

The frequency at which you should clean your BMC air filter in Indian conditions depends on a few factors, such as the level of air pollution and the driving conditions. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to clean your BMC air filter every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

In Indian conditions where there are high levels of air pollution, you may need to clean your air filter more frequently to ensure optimal engine performance and protection. If you frequently drive on dusty or unpaved roads, you may also need to clean your air filter more frequently.

It's always a good idea to visually inspect your BMC air filter regularly and clean it as needed. If the air filter appears dirty or clogged, it's time for a cleaning. Additionally, if you notice any decrease in engine performance or fuel efficiency, it may be a sign that your air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Why should you chose us as cleaning partner for your BMC air filters?

While it is possible for vehicle owners to clean air filters themselves, it is often recommended to have air filters cleaned by professional experts for the following reasons:

  1. Proper Tools and Equipment: Our partners are verified BMC service providers who have access to specialized tools and equipment that are specifically designed by BMC for cleaning their air filters. These tools are often more effective at removing dirt and debris without damaging the filter.

  2. Knowledge and Expertise: Our verified partners are professional experts having the knowledge and expertise to identify potential problems with BMC air filters, such as signs of wear and tear or damage that may require replacement. They can also recommend the best cleaning methods and products for specific models of BMC air filters.

  3. Time and Convenience: Cleaning air filters can be a time-consuming process, especially for vehicle owners who may not have the necessary tools or experience. Professional experts can complete the cleaning process more efficiently, saving time and providing convenience to vehicle owners.

  4. Warranty Considerations: BMC may require air filters to be cleaned or replaced by verified professional experts in order to maintain the product's warranty. It's important to check your vehicle's warranty documentation for specific requirements.

Overall, having your BMC air filters them cleaned by professional experts can ensure that they are properly maintained and protected from potential damage. 

How to properly pack your BMC air filters to ensure no damage during transit?

Proper packing of air filters is important to prevent them from getting damaged during transportation or storage. Here are some effective guidelines for packing air filters:

  1. Place the air filter in a sturdy box or container that is appropriate for its size. Use packing materials such as bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts to cushion the air filter and prevent it from shifting or moving around during transport.

  2. Be sure to seal the bag or wrap tightly to prevent any contaminants from entering.

  3. Label the box or container clearly with the type and size of the air filter, as well as any other relevant information such as the manufacturer or part number.

  4. Store the packed air filters in a clean, dry, and cool area that is free from dust and moisture. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that can damage the filter.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively pack air filters to prevent them from getting damaged during transportation or storage, and ensure they are in good condition when you are ready to use them.

Important Terms and Conditions

  1. We are not liable for any damage caused to the air filter during the uninstall process

  2. We kindly request that you take all necessary precautions to properly package and protect the air filter from any damage. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the shipping process.

  3. Please use our pickup and drop services only.

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