Michelin Rainforce All Weather Hybrid Wiper Blade (Size: 14")

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  • Flexible Blade design - holds blade firmly against glass

  • Right fit design - Adjusts to windscreen curve-Better surface contact

  • Durable Compression Moulded Natural Rubber Blade - Quiet operation- Long Life

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame - durable long lasting performance

  • All-Weather Performance - in rain, ice and snow

  • EZ- LOK connectors for fast and easy installation

  • Comes with pre-packed adapters

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Product Details​

Product Category: Car Wiper Blades/Windshield Wipers

Brand: Michelin

Material: Rubber

Colour: Black

Customer Ratings: 5 out of 5 Stars (8 Reviews)

Imported By: Super Tyre Tec- No.84/4, Manish Towers, J C  Road, Bangalore-560002

County of Origin: China

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Michelin Rainforce Hybrid Wiper Blade Installation Video - Hook type arm

Product Description

Michelin Rainforce Hybrid Wipers helps you to see clearly and drive safely. This is an all-weather performance windshield wiper, that channels away water, snow or ice so that you get a clear view of the road ahead. The Rainforce Hybrid Wiper Blade features smart-flex technology that adjusts the blade according to the shape of your car’s windshield. It is very easy to install and is available in sizes from 14 inches to 28 inches.

Flexible Blade Design

The Rainforce Hybrid features smart-flex technology that adjusts the blade according to the shape of your car’s windshield. It wipes away water, snow or ice so that you get a clear view of the road ahead.

Quiet Operation

The Michelin All weather wiper blade is capable to channel away water, ice or snow with utmost efficiently in the quietest way possible. These wiper blades ensure there is minimum friction while sweeping the windshield and provides a silent yet effective sweep.

Compression Moulded Natural Rubber

The blade of the wiper is made of compression moulded natural rubber that not only protects itself, but also the glass. It reduces the friction thereby functions in the quietest way possible.

All Season Blade

This wiper blade can be functional in almost kind of weather conditions. It can wipe away water, ice and snow effectively from your windshield, without damaging the glass and their blades,  to give you clear vision of the road ahead.

Durable Steel Frame

Michelin Wipers are built using sturdy riveted steel frame, which facilitates easy movement and is provided with powder coated finish to withstand corrosion and last longer.

Adaptors for Different Cars

This wiper is provided with adaptors to assist in installation with various make and models of cars.

Effortless and Easy Installation

This windshield wiper is equipped with EZ-LOK connectors. Just remove the old wiper and slide in the Rainforce Hybrid Wiper Blade until you hear a click.

Installation Instructions

1.  Bayonet type arm



2. Hook type arm



3. Pinch Tab Side Lock


Installation: https://youtu.be/QPNQTtjrbm0

4. Side Pin Long Finger arm

Removal: https://youtu.be/jYRlV8sQ2kc

Installation: https://youtu.be/M5_s_MzpkyY

5. Top Lock 19mm arm

Removal: https://youtu.be/zV_EVDU3qeM

Installation: https://youtu.be/JngPTAV083E

6. Top lock 22mm arm

Removal: https://youtu.be/yjyOpwxb0OA

Installation: https://youtu.be/E7TBBsYeA3g

Shipping Info:

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Return & Warranty Policy:

This product comes with a no return policy. However, there is a 15 days warranty, which ensures easy replacement for faulty products. For any product related issues, the customer can call to the MICHELIN CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER 91-9845154540 between 10am to 6 pm. on all days to register the complaint. You can also drop a mail to info@autofolk.in for any concerns

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