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Bosch Rear Brake Disc / Rotor for Mahindra XUV 500 - BC F002H23935

₹2 145.00
Enhance Bolero brakes with durable, precise Bosch brake disc/rotor.
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Product Details
Brand: BOSCH
Product Category: Brake Disc/Rotor
Material: Zinc Outer Finish

Product Highlights

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Mahindra XUV 500
  • Precisely machined as per OEM specifications
  • Fade resistant brake discs
  • Safe and reliable braking performance
  • Bosch brake discs ensure better driving comfort

Product Description

While braking, most pressure is applied on the brake disc. Made from high-quality cast steel, Bosch brake discs are resistant to corrosion and wear, providing assured stopping power over a long operating life. Designed for high performance in the most extreme conditions, Bosch brake discs are featured as original equipment by leading automakers in their vehicles.

Cast in Steel
Improved engine performance and higher vehicle weights are increasing the quality requirement for braking systems. Only brake discs made from high-grade materials and homogenous casting structures without trapped air and friction will meet the specifications of the car manufacturers.

Minimal Tolerances for Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) and Run-out
These characteristics are essential for best braking comfort. Considerable variation of the friction ring’s thickness generates immediate vibrations (oscillating brake torque) which cause brake judder and noise.

Say Goodbye to Braking Trouble
Brake vibrations and squealing are usually caused by irregularities on the brake disc surface or by a side run out of the disc. However, excessive slackness of the wheel bearings, the wheel suspension, and even the steering conduction components can be a factor too. Professional repairs and the use of high-quality spares help eliminate these problems.

Always Replace in Pairs
Brake discs are subject to wear and should always be replaced as two per axle as soon as one of them drops below the recommended minimum thickness.

Shipping Info

All products will be dispatched within 1-2 days after receiving your order. Once dispatched we will email you the tracking number. Our partner courier services are reliable and will deliver your products safely within standard delivery time

Warranty & Return Policy

No brand warranty on the product being a wear and tear kind of a product. However, we at Autofolk, offer a 7 days replacement policy only. In case of any concerns please write to us on

Brand Story

Technology from Bosch is used worldwide in almost all vehicles, assuring people uninterrupted journeys. Bosch has over 130 years of pioneering spirit and expertise in research and manufacturing. Bosch works with an unique combination of spare parts, diagnostics and workshop thus being the one source with many solutions, carrying this craft to the aftermarket as well.

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