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Hella 003399842 Signature Red Grille Horn Set

₹1 999.00
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Product Details
Brand: Hella
Product Category: Car Horns
Colour: Signature Red
Imported By: Hella India Lighting Limited, Chennai 600061
County of Origin: India
Range: 108 dB(A) to 118dB(A)
Voltage: 7-12V (for automotive vehicles) | 7-24V (for commercial vehicles)

Product Highlights

  • High durability
  • Pleasant & harmonic sound
  • ECE and OEM compliant

Product Description

HELLA has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality acoustic devices and ensure a pleasant & harmonic sound. We work with vehicle manufacturers so you can rest assured that your horns feature state-of-the-art and the best technologies. The quality of horns is not easy for people to gauge. HELLA quality isn‘t just seen, it‘s also heard: our specialized experience in developing horns and air trumpet horns complies with strict ECE and OEM requirements, both in applications for two wheeler, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our manufacturing plant HELLA India Automotive (HIA) is fully committed to research and development as well as showing a strict adherence to quality manufacturing. For various vehicle applications, HELLA provides recommendations on how to choose the right product. You can find details in the product page. HELLA recommends mounting a horns in pair to replace the vehicle's horn.

Volume: This is one of the main key performance indicators for a horn's characteristics. HELLA has a wide product range of horns in the volume range of 108 dB(A) to 118dB(A)

Functional Principle: Horns are powered by the battery current signal, which is commonly handled by a voltage pulse sent from the steering wheel. The current signal is transferred to a relay, which transmits the entire control current, preventing voltage drops. As the horn is powered by the electric current, it forms a magnetic field, which attracts a metal core together with a steel diaphragm. This attraction causes vibrations, which are transformed by varying resonances in order to gain low or high tones.

Nominal Voltage: (1) 7 - 12 V: for automotive vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc. (2) 7 - 24 V: for commercial vehicles, buses, municipal vehicles, etc

Shipping Info

All products will be dispatched within 1-2 days after receiving your order. Once dispatched we will email you the tracking number. Our partner courier services are reliable and will deliver your products safely within standard delivery time. Hella customer care number is 18001035405.

Warranty & Return Policy

6 month manufacturer's warranty from the date of sale or 9 months from the date of manufacturing which ever is earlier. Warranty is applicable against manufacturing defect only.
We at Autofolk, also offer a 7 days replacement policy. In case of any concerns please write to us on

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