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Craving better mileage from your car? Our 6 point guide to better mileage!

  1. Maintain the correct tyre pressure: A properly inflated tyre provides better handling and mileage. A poorly inflated tyre not only will affect mileage, it will also affect tyre life. Explore our tyre inflators range for branded tyre inflators with warranty!

2. Keep your car light: The heavier the car, the more load the engine has to pull and the lesser the mileage you get. Keep your car free of the unintended items inside.

3. Keep the acceleration smooth: Keeping the gear shifts and the acceleration smooth can help you increase the mileage. It is also a good idea, not to accelerate much if you see a red light of a traffic jam in some distance from you.

4. Keep your car serviced at regular intervals: A well oiled machine will serve you better!

5. Turn off the ignition at signals: A rule of thumb is, if the signal wait time is greater than 45 seconds, it's better to turn off the ignition.

6. Plan your route in advance: Plan your route in advance to avoid taking wrong turns and also to know the shortest path to the destination. It also helps to avoid routes with heavier traffic.

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