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Signs of a Worn Out Wiper Blade

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A clear vision of the road, most would say, is one of the most important contributors to safe driving. Many factors play a role in this, a good set of bulbs, the correct beam angle, a clear windscreen, a proper driving position and when stuck in the rains, a good set of wiper blades.

Wiper blades are a funny little thing. Ready to glide along the windscreen at out beck and call and going back to rest immediately when we command them to. When the rains get heavier, you can even command them to wipe faster and they’ll oblige making your vision and hence your drive safer.

However, being an external part, wiper blades are always exposed to the elements of the world. A wiper blade running on a dry and dirty windscreen wreaks havoc on the wiper blades. Being exposed to sunlight too gradually damages the rubber in the blades requiring you to change it after a specific duration.

However, the wipers give you ample hints they are ready to retire now and a new pair has to be bought and fixed in its place. Wipers are really easy to change as well requiring only a small effort in getting that perfect vision back. Please visit the shop to order the wiper blade of your choice. Let us see some of the clear signs of a busted wiper blade:

1. Streaks/Water Film on the Glass:

You might notice a thin water film or streaks of water on the glass which remains even after a swipe of the wiper. In such a case first try cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner, if the issue still remains, the wipers need to be changed.

2. Wiper Chatter:

Wiper chatter is a condition, which happens because the wiper is not sliding smoothly over the widscreen and you see streaks of water on the windscreen parallel to the wiper blade. This suggests that the wiper is hopping on the windscreen. The wiper needs replacement in such a case. If replacing the wiper doesn’t solve the issue, the wiper arm might need replacement.

3. Cracks:

Please inspect the rubber of the wiper, cracks suggest damage by sun and the wiper blade then needs to be replaced immediately.

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