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Types of wiper blades

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Wiper blades are an important accessory for a clear vision of the road, whether during rains where they clear the water film off your windscreen, or during a long drive, when the windscreen becomes dirty and the wiper along with the washer fluid does its magic.

Wiper blades are susceptible to the elements of nature and generally require changing at regular intervals. It’s very important to know what different kind of wiper blades are available to choose the best one suiting your requirements. Once you decide, you can buy your choice of wiper blades from

Wiper blades can be classified on two basic criteria:

(1) type of construction and

(2) the material of the blade

1. Based on the construction:

a. Conventional Blades: These are the most common type of blades which are generally found in the majority of vehicles. The contact with the blades happens at intermittent points, leading to an uneven pressure at different points on the blade. These wipers are also susceptible to chatter at high speeds because of not being aerodynamic.

b. Frameless wipers: These kind of wipers do not have a basic frame but have a metal strip running through the rubber structure of the wiper. Hence by design these are aerodynamic and put a constant pressure throughout the wiper blade.

c. Hybrid wiper blades: These wiper blades combine the best of both worlds. These have an amalgamation of the sturdiness of the conventional blade along with the aerodynamics of the frameless wipers.

2. Based on the material of construction:

a. Rubber wiper blades: Most wiper blades are made from natural or synthetic rubber, or various blends thereof. Rubber is susceptible to damage by UV rays, hence requiring a more frequent replacement. This led to the development of the other kind of wiper blades.

b. Silicone wiper blades: These wipers have an excellent resistance to UV rays and generally provide twice the life of a traditional rubber blade. These are usually constructed of either pure silicone, a silicone-rubber compound or as a layer of silicone compound over a base of rubber. Some of these wipers, leave a thin coating of silicone over the windscreen while wiping leading to water droplets simply gliding off the windscreen with wind, giving you an excellent vision.

With this information, maybe now you would be in a better position to choose your wiper blade. Now that you know the types of wiper blades, order a pair now from our best in class selection at Please leave a feedback on the wiper blade you chose for the betterment of the community.

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