Michelin 12206 Analogue Double Barrel Foot Pump (Black)

Michelin 12206 Analogue Double Barrel Foot Pump (Black)

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  • Compatibility: All cars, trucks, tractor tyres
  • Analogue gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI
  • Analog display for PSI, BAR & kPi
  • Ergonomic rubber tread plate
  • Twin barrel design for high volume inflation
  • Wide footprint steel frame with rubber feet
  • 67 cm hose length


User Manual

  • The Michelin mechanical foot pump is a versatile and handy equipment that can be used to inflate tyres of cars, SUVS, motorbikes, cycles, or even sports equipment like football and more. It is built with dual piston chambers to give you twice the air in every step. It is a high-performance foot pump designed for convenience and portability. Comes with Braided Wire, Valve Set, and High Performance Springs

    Twin Barrel

    This powerful foot pump is equipped with two barrels and piston assembly. It doubles the pressure and doubles the output of air giving you high volume inflation using less time and less efforts

    Analogue Meter

    The foot pump can be used almost anywhere as it does not require any form of electricity to operate. It works purely on mechanical energy and displays accurate values of the pressure build-up in the built-in analogue pressure gauge.

    Ergonomic Rubber Tread Plate

    The threaded rubber pedal plate offers firm traction while operating the foot pump. It has tyre-like threaded marks that makes it extremely ergonomic and easy to pump with a single foot.

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Very compact but powerful product from Bergmann.

Thanks to autofolk team for delivering it in 2 days

tajmohammad malik

Wonderful product
I happy with this product

Many many thanks


Received on 16th Jan ,21, Very compact and value for money. Just started using it.

Amarkant Singh

Wonderful experience and very useful product at a very competitive price! It has been a couple of months since I bought this product and I have no complaints so far. Actually the portable air compressor has already come handy to me more than a few times. I did have a flat tyre once before leaving house and it saved my day. I would recommend everyone to have one always in your car.