Michelin Instant Tyre Dressing 650ml

Michelin Instant Tyre Dressing 650ml

SKU: 31371

Country of Origin: Serbia

  • Gives tyres a new look sheen
  • Original finish
  • Coats upto 40 tyres
  • Pre-compression trigger
  • REACH standard
  • Michelin instant tyre dressing is a silicone emulsion based liquid spray that brings back the aesthetic and bold black looks of automobile and automotive tyres. This spray adds an enduring sheen and shine to the tyres. It can be used for detailing and regular maintenance runs.

    Pre-Compression Trigger

    The sophisticated nozzle equips a pre-compression trigger that dispenses liquid efficiently at a high velocity. This results in a powerful spray with less liquid fall-off. The trigger is also ergonomically designed for effortless spraying action.

    Coats Up to 40 Tyres

    This single bottle of 650ml can dress up to 40 tyres when used optimally. Wash and dry tyres prior to application and apply by spraying the liquid onto a porous sponge or cloth and wipe it around the tyre wall.

    Antistatic Silicone Emulsion

    This tyre dressing spray is formulated based on a silicone emulsion based formula. It is anti-static and accordingly reduces the build-up of static charge on the surface.

    Renders Natural Finishing

    The spray adds a long-lasting finish and renders a new look and sheen to the tyres. Its no-fling formula prevents the liquid from flinging over the fenders and the body panels.

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Very compact but powerful product from Bergmann.

Thanks to autofolk team for delivering it in 2 days

tajmohammad malik

Wonderful product
I happy with this product

Many many thanks


Received on 16th Jan ,21, Very compact and value for money. Just started using it.

Amarkant Singh

Wonderful experience and very useful product at a very competitive price! It has been a couple of months since I bought this product and I have no complaints so far. Actually the portable air compressor has already come handy to me more than a few times. I did have a flat tyre once before leaving house and it saved my day. I would recommend everyone to have one always in your car.