Michelin Windscreen Wash Concentrate 250ml forest

Michelin Windscreen Wash Concentrate 250ml forest

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Country of Origin: Serbia

  • Recommended qty to be filled in the screenwash tank of the car
  • Makes up to 25 litres
  • Removes dirt and insects
  • Available in 4 fragrances: Forest, Lemon, Orange and Apple
  • REACH standard
  • The Michelin screen wash liquid is a powerful and fragrant wind screen cleansing solution for your vehicle. It can be mixed with large quantities of water thanks to its super concentrated formulation. It is provided in a practical storage container with marking for measurement and dosage of the liquid.

    Concentrated Formula

    The Michelin super concentrated screen wash has a sophisticated formulation that allows it to dilute in a ratio of 1:100 to produce 25 litres of ready to spray liquid. It cleanses and leaves the windscreen sparkling.

    Powerful and Practical

    This screen wash liquid is ideal for getting rid of even the toughest of residues, such as insects and road grime. It also has specific agents that prevent formation of lime scale inside the washer system.

    Refreshing Fragrance

    The liquid is not just an effective cleanser. It is also capable of imparting a refreshing fragrance on your vehicle's windscreen. This liquid has an amazing forest fragrance.

    Usage Instructions

    To use the liquid, shake the container well before use. Unscrew the cap a little and squeeze the lower portion until the dosing cap is full. Open the cap completely and pour the liquid into the vehicle's washer reservoir and top it up with water. Just turn on the wipers and sit back and watch the liquid work its magic on the wind screen.

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Very compact but powerful product from Bergmann.

Thanks to autofolk team for delivering it in 2 days

tajmohammad malik

Wonderful product
I happy with this product

Many many thanks


Received on 16th Jan ,21, Very compact and value for money. Just started using it.

Amarkant Singh

Wonderful experience and very useful product at a very competitive price! It has been a couple of months since I bought this product and I have no complaints so far. Actually the portable air compressor has already come handy to me more than a few times. I did have a flat tyre once before leaving house and it saved my day. I would recommend everyone to have one always in your car.