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Why SensAiry Matters?
Continuous Monitoring

Sensors check pressure every 15 seconds and syncs with app every minute in 10 meter range

Decreased Maintenance

Identify the issue before it becomes a problem. Improperly inflated tires can result in many issues with your vehicle, which could be heavy on your pocket.

Increased Safety

Do you know 40% of car accidents happen due to under Inflated tires? Keeping tires properly inflated results in better vehicle handling and avoids tire blow out.

Fuel Efficiency

Keeping tires properly inflated improves fuel economy by 3.3%. This is approximately $500 a year you save

Extended Tire Life

Low tires pressure can reduce your tire tread life by up to 25 percent and also tires will wear out unevenly and faster due to high friction.

Better Environment

1.5 tons of extra carbon emission is made by a vehicle with under inflated tires. SensAiry lets you keep your tires properly inflated and protect the environment.

Innovative Hardware

SensAiry Hardware is made of automotive grade components for reliability and has rugged build to handle harsh environments. SensAiry uses Bluetooth LE for its communication and has built in pressure and temperature sensors. SensAiry works on both iOS and Android


Sensors check pressure every 5 seconds and syncs with app every minute in 10 meter range. SensAiry app allows you to monitor multiple vehicles and can track up to 20 tires per device. Bold numbers, color coded dials & switchable units makes anyone easily understand sensor data. It displays pressure readings in pounds per square inch (psi), kilopascal (kPa) and in bar units. Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius.


SensAiry App provides insightful data about your sensors for your analysis. The lowest pressure recorded everyday for the past 30 days is displayed in an intuitive chart. You can also check the battery level and other sensor related information from the app anytime.

Meet SensAiry

SensAiry Hardware is designed with both vehicle owners and tire technicians in mind. Using the conveniently located button in the hardware you can start and stop the sensor anytime. You can also reset a sensor to factory condition using this button. Currently the valve SensAiry supports is TR-413SP which is widely used in all four wheel vehicles. The battery will last for 5+ years. SensAiry works in both iOS and Android. SensAiry uses efficient algorithms to have little to no impact on your smart phone battery life. SensAiry supports iOS beacons so that the app will automatically connect to the sensors when you are in the range. Safety alerts will be displayed when tire pressure is not within safety range.

High Precision Measurement Of Air Pressure & Temperature

SensAiry can work between -40c to +105c temperature. The maximum pressure SensAiry can measure is 100 PSI. Sensors report pressure at an accuracy of +/– 1 PSI and temperature at an accuracy of +/- 5c. Each sensor can be configured for custom pressure threshold independently of each other.

One Touch Vehicle Setup

SensAiry App identifies, connects and communicates with sensor automatically. At the time of initial setup the app will connect and configure the sensor when the QR code is scanned by the customer which is provided inside the box. After scanning the QR code, the vehicle will be created automatically. After initial setup, the app will remember the configurations and syncs with the sensors by automatically connecting when you are nearby to them after sensor installation.

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