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Optimizes off-road diesel engine performance with specialized tuning and rugged durability.
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Product Details
Brand: DieselTronic
Product Category: Tuning Box
Material: ABS Plastic
County of Origin: India
Manufactured By: RaceDynamics
Compatible Cars: Please refer to the application sheet at the bottom of the page
Application: For motorsport and closed circuit usage

Product Highlights:

  • The DieselTRONIC Off-road version is particularly designed for the Mahindra Thar/Roxor and provides your vehicle with up to a 30% increase in both Power and Torque. The unit comes pre-tuned and with four modes including an Easy Crawler mode to help you get through the slushy terrains.
  • Only for offroad and closed circuit usage
  • The DieselTRONIC is a performance and economy enhancing engine control unit (ECU), conventionally referred as Diesel Tuning Box for vehicles that are powered by common rail diesel (CRDI) engines.
  • Manufactured with automotive grade electronics, backed with patented technologies and advanced enhancements such as ADSL (Adaptive-Self Learning) that understands the driving style and adapts the maps to enhance and deliver just what you need, complemented with the options of 4 different maps that are switchable by remote-control on the fly, it is a system that stands apart from everything else.
  • S (Stock map Mode) - works just like original
  • E (Economy map) - Increases mileage up to 40%, enhanced engine smoothness and reduced turbo spike, more linear power delivery
  • P1 (Power 1 Mode) - Power & Increased Mileage- It increases mileage up to 25% and increases power and torque up to 15% helping you shift gears early
  • P2 (Power 2 Mode) - Higher Power- Increase power and torque off-peak up to 30%

Shipping Info:

Our standard dispatch times are 1-2 days. Our partner courier services are reliable and will deliver your products safely within standard delivery time.

Return Policy:

7 days replacement only. In case of any concerns please write to us on

Warranty Policy:

This Product comes with a 2 year warranty fulfilled by the manufacturer. In case of any support required, drop a mail to or WhatsApp us on 7303405193

Installation available at Bangalore @ Rs 998 per set. For other cities installation assistance provided over phone for free. Please write to us at after the delivery of your product to avail installation service. You can also WhatsApp us at 7303405193 to avail the service.
Application Chart:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between single channel and dual channel piggyback ECU?

Answer: The Single Channel DieselTRONIC primarily controls the fueling of your vehicle providing you with optimized fuel flow throughout your drive but he Dual Channel controls both the fueling as well as the turbo boost not only optimizing fuel flow but also effectively minimizing the general engine turbo lag that builds over time.

2. What is the difference in performance between Single channel and dual channel piggyback ECU?

Answer: Performance gains with the single channel unit would be up to 25% above stock. Performance gains with the dual channel unit would be up to 30% above stock.

3. How do I know whether to buy single channel or dual channel?

Answer: Please refer to the application chart provided at the bottom of the sheet for the same

4. Can I remove the system whenever I want?

Answer: Being a plug and play system, removal is easy. Our experts are available to guide you if needed.

5. Can I install it on my own?

Answer: We recommend to use the installation guidance. We provide installation service in Bangalore at a nominal fee. For other locations you can get assistance over phone. Mail us at or WhatsApp us at 7303405193.

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