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Michelin MPX19EH Cold Water High Power Car Pressure Washer 1900W 140BAR

₹17 400.00
High power, cold water cleaning for effortless removal of dirt and grime
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Product Details
Product Category: Car Pressure Washers
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black and Blue
Imported By: Super Tyre Tec- No.84/4, Manish Towers, J C Road, Bangalore-560002
County of Origin: China
Max Pressure: 140 BAR
Max Flow Rate: 460 l/hr
Power Consumption: 1.9 kW
Batteries Required: No
Accessories Included: High pressure trigger gun; Lance extension; High pressure hose (6 m); Adjustable jet wash nozzle; Rotary jet wash nozzle; Foam lance bottle kit (0.4 l)

Product Highlights

  • Max Pressure: 140 BAR || Max Flow Rate: 460 L/HR || Power Consumption: 1.9 KW
  • Michelin MPX19EH is a high pressure washer ideal for cleaning cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks and outdoor household surfaces
  • Michelin MPX19EH has self-priming function, enabling it to draw in water directly from a tank
  • 5m electrical cable || 6 m high pressure hose length
  • 2 wheel cart(12 cm diameter wheel) with telescopic handle for easy movement
  • Michelin MPX19EH high pressure washer is very easy to use - click fast water inlet connection device with inspectable filter that traps dirt and guarantees perfect high pressure washer operation
  • 3 axial pistons wobble plate pump with tempered stainless steel plungers
  • Motor Thermal Protection || Total Stop System
  • Built in accessory storage
  • Accessories Include: High pressure trigger gun with safety catch; Lance extension; High pressure hose; Adjustable jet wash nozzle; Rotary jet wash nozzle; Foam lance bottle kit (0.4 l)

Product Description

Michelin MPX19EH is an ideal cold water high pressure washer for cars or vehicles of all sizes, even including vans and trucks. MPX19EH comes with a maximum pressure of 140 BAR and a maximum water flow rate of 460 ltr/hr. Using this high pressure appliance is very easy, simply connect it to a water supply using an ordinary garden hose and to the electricity via the 5 m power cable, then turn the switch to ON. MPX19EH comes with self-priming function, which ensures that if a water tap is not available, MPX19EH is able to draw in water from a tank. Thanks to its compact design, telescopic handle with ergonomic grip and its two-wheeled trolley shape, MPX19EH high pressure washer is very agile and very easy to handle. The accessories provided also makes it ideal for cleaning outdoor household surfaces, including patios, terraces, paths, outdoor furniture and garden tools.

Accessories Included:

Gun with safety catch - Easily connects to the high pressure hose with a single click, thanks to the click fast Connexion device. Releasing the gun trigger will activate the Total Stop System, which cuts out the washer completely. This helps in reducing wear and increasing lifetime and durability of MPX19EH.

Rotary Jet Wash Nozzle - This Nozzle helps in cleaning the toughest, most stubborn dirt, such as mold, moss, graffiti from outdoor domestic surfaces.

High pressure lance - Easily connects to the nozzles with a single click thanks to the click fast Connexion device. This lance enables the user to wash even the most difficult to reach surfaces, thus making operations easier for the user

Adjustable Jet Wash Nozzle - This nozzle allows the user to vary the water pressure jet from cylindrical (most intensive washing) to fan (most delicate washing) as required. This is to be used for all domestic cleaning operations and for washing cars, motorbikes and garden material.

Nozzle with Foam Lance Bottle - This Nozzle comes with a detergent tank (0.4 l). So with this nozzle fitted to the gun, detergent can be applied to the surface for cleaning. MPX19EH high pressure washer is always operated at low pressure with this nozzle in use.

High Pressure Hose - MPX19EH comes with a 5 meter log high pressure hose to allow easy movement while cleaning. It simply connects to the trigger gun and high pressure washer with single clicks, thanks to the click fast Connexion device

A line of high-pressure washers designed in great detail to meet all the cleaning needs of the external domestic environment. Extremely reliable and versatile, they are the ideal solution for washing cars, motorcycles, campers and bicycles. Thanks to the numerous accessories supplied, they are also suitable for various domestic outdoor cleaning needs such as removing dirt from paths, balconies, patios and for washing gardening tools and outdoor furniture. The high ease of use makes them easy to use and store once the work is finished, ensuring savings in time, effort and space. The warranty lasts for 2 years from date of purchase.

Shipping Info:

Our standard dispatch times are 1-2 days. Our partner courier services are reliable and will deliver your products safely within standard delivery time.

Return & Warranty Policy:

This product comes with a no return policy. However, there is a 2 years warranty, which ensures easy replacement for faulty products. For any product related issues, the customer can call to the MICHELIN CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER 91-9845154540 between 10am to 6 pm. on all days to register the complaint. You can also drop a mail to for any concerns

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