Michelin Hybrid Wiper Blade

Michelin Rainforce 14 inch All Weather Hybrid Wiper Blade

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Country of Origin: China

  • Flexible Blade design - holds blade firmly against glass
  • Right fit design - Adjusts to windscreen curve-Better surface contact
  • Durable Compression Molded Natural Rubber Blade - Quiet operation- Long Life
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame - durable long lasting performance
  • All-Weather Performance - in rain, ice and snow
  • EZ- LOK connectors for fast and easy installation
  • Comes with pre-packed adapters
  • Flexible Blade Design

    The rainforce hybrid features smart-flex technology that adjusts the blade according to the shape of your car’s windshield. It wipes away water, snow or ice so that you get a clear view of the road ahead.

    Compression Moulded Natural Rubber

    The blade of the wiper is made of compression moulded natural rubber that not only protects itself, but also the glass. It reduces the friction thereby functions in the quietest way possible.

    All Season Blade

    This wiper blade can be functional in almost kind of weather conditions. It can wipe away water, ice and snow effectively from your windshield, without damaging the glass and their blades,  to give you clear vision of the road ahead.

    Durable Steel Frame

    Michelin Wipers are built using sturdy riveted steel frame, which facilitates easy movement and is provided with powder coated finish to withstand corrosion and last longer.

    Adaptors for Different Cars

    This wiper is provided with adaptors to assist in installation with various make and models of cars.


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Very compact but powerful product from Bergmann.

Thanks to autofolk team for delivering it in 2 days

tajmohammad malik

Wonderful product
I happy with this product

Many many thanks


Received on 16th Jan ,21, Very compact and value for money. Just started using it.

Amarkant Singh

Wonderful experience and very useful product at a very competitive price! It has been a couple of months since I bought this product and I have no complaints so far. Actually the portable air compressor has already come handy to me more than a few times. I did have a flat tyre once before leaving house and it saved my day. I would recommend everyone to have one always in your car.