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The Three-Step Easy Process to Change Your Wiper Blade

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Step 1: Remove your old wiper blade:

All wiper blades are an easy click fit. Hence removing it is also easy. Have a look at the connection of the wiper arm end with the wiper blade adapter. If there is a cover cap the same has to be opened. As a next step pull out the wiper blade from the arm to separate the two. The image below shows the removal of the hook type arm which is one of the most common types of wiper arms.

Step 2: Identify the correct adapter for your new wiper blade:

Take out the contents of your new wiper pack. The pack should come with different types of adapters to suit different types of wiper arms. At, all wiper blades listed have the image of the adapters being shipped along with the package. Once identified, fit the adapter to the wiper

Step 3: Install the new wiper blade (Usually Push-Click)

Take the wiper blade and click fit it on the arm. Repeat the process for the other arm as well.

Still not sure? Every Wiper Blades listed on comes with lots of installation videos to help you install it yourself.

See how easy that was! Order yours now at and go ahead and install it yourself!


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