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The 7 point car check you should do before every long drive

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

1. Engine Oil: An engine oil check should be the first priority before heading out to a long trip. This check should only be performed on a cool engine. Simply pull out the dipstick from its position, wipe it clean and put it back again. When you pull it out now, the engine oil level should be between the min and max positions. If the level is lower, check for any leaks.

2. Coolant: The coolant on your car is what keeps the engine in the required operating temperatures. The coolant reservoir is very easy to locate and the min and max positions are prominently marked on it. Make sure the coolant is within the specified levels.

3. Brake oil: The brake oil is what operates the hydraulic mechanism that makes your brakes work. The brake oil reservoir is also very easy to locate with prominently marked min and max positions. Make sure you check that the oil is within the specified limits

4. Bulbs: Check every bulb on your car and make sure that they work. You do not wan Make sure to check even the signaling lights because they prove to be real handy during lane changes.

5. Wiper Blades: Make sure to check your wiper blades before heading out. A simple check is if your wipers are leaving streak marks on the glass or making juddering noises, its time to change them. Wipers help you get a better vision of the roads during rains and and to clean the windshield using the wiper fluid. Driving on the highway deposits oils and bug splatter on the windshield which can be taken out to some extent by the wiper and the wiper fluid. Visit to browse the extensive range of wiper blades.

6. Tyre Tread: Check the tread on your tyres and make sure they are not worn out. Tyre tread is really important for having a proper grip of the road and hence should mandatorily be checked. On every tyre there is a mark for checking how low you can go on the tyre tread. Make sure you are above that mark.

7. Tyre Pressure: Tyre Pressure is very important to be correct to ensure proper handling and mileage. Visit to explore the range of tyre inflators which come with analog and digital gauges. You can also keep tyre pressure monitors with you to know the correct pressure at any time.

These tests will not take more than 5 minutes for you to complete, while in return giving you the peace of mind for a safe journey on the road!

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