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The Ultimate Road Trip Packing list: For the Indian Traveler

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With the year end holidays right around the corner, people are now spending unending hours on the internet searching for places to go for a road trip. Well why not? Road trips make sense in the current scenario. Traveling in your own car not only helps you avoid the crowded airports and railway stations, it also gives you the convenience of traveling at your own pace, while appreciating the beautiful scenes along the way!

Go and pack your bags! But wait, have you packed a bag for your car as well? Below is a list of items suggested to be taken along for every road trip:

1. Glass cleaner: Driving on the highways soils up your windshield and headlights in no time. It’s not very uncommon to find deposits of oil on your windshield after driving for a few hours on the highway.

Driving at nighttime additionally results in bug splatter on the windshield. This can result in compromised visibility. It is suggested to carry a glass cleaner with you on the road trip. Just do a quick wipe of your windshield and headlights at your next stop and you are golden. Any glass cleaner is good enough, however you may checkout the specialty glass and bug cleaners at

It might also be a good idea to change your wiper blades before a road trip and the windshield washer fluid along with the wiper can also remove some amount of grime from the windshield.

2. Portable Tyre Inflators: Every car owner has sometime or the other faced the issue of the inadvertent loss of tyre pressure while on the trip. Roads are harsh and Indian roads more so. In case you face the issue of slow leak in one of the tyres, it is always convenient to have a portable tyre inflator handy and inflate the tyre till you find someone to check the tyre for leaks.

Tyre inflators can also prove handy to maintain the correct pressure in the tyres. A properly inflated tyre will give you better mileage and handling, two benefits which are which are very convenient to have on the highways.

Visit to explore the best in class range of tyre inflators from the top brands in the world.

3. Towing rope: In the rare case that the car shuts down in the middle of the road,

it is always easier to get it towed to the nearest mechanic, compared to waiting for hours for help to arrive. These are easily available at your nearby auto accessories store or online.

4. First Aid Kit: Every car comes with a first aid kit when new. However, we forget to check the expiry dates of the ointments and bandages in there. Make sure to stock up the first aid kit before leaving.

5. Flashlight: A flashlight can prove really handy in case you need to do minor repairs at night time in your car.

6. Car Manual and Documents: Do remember to keep your Car manual and essential documents like Registration, PUC certificate and Driving Lincense in your glovebox.’

7. Spare Change: Spare change never hurts. You might find many unique items selling on the road side while driving, with the sellers not accepting online payment options or the network not allowing you to use the options. Spare change comes in handy in such cases

8. Mint: There’s nothing like the freshness that a mint brings to the driving the car.

9. Garbage Bags: You and your fellow passengers will end up having small bites inside the car for a quick power up. It’s good to have a garbage bag handy to throw in the wrappers/fruit seeds. You don’t want your dear car to get dirty, do you?

10. Tissues: The applications are endless!

11. Sunglasses: The sun can be harsh. Sunglasses help you get a better visibility of the road and also protect your eyes.

12. Portable chargers/USB cables: Your car gives you only a few charging points. It helps to carry a portable charger along. Also required are USB cables in order to charge your phones.

You should more items to the list based on your individual habits. However, the above list should be a good starting point for your travels.

Now go conquer those roads!

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